Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Almost April in Paris

We do not have wireless at our flat so we finally found a bistro down the street with "wistro" wi-fi. It only took Kari two days in Paris to catch her first cold of the trip. Trying to keep it at bay with Sudafed and Vitamin C supplements. A couple of glasses of red wine do not hurt either.

The first day we walked to Gare de Lyon train station and learned that the blocks are a lot longer than they appear on the map. There we picked up our museum passes and checked out the tourism office. After that we visited the Pere Lachaise cemetary. It is a beautiful cemetary with some amazing monuments. We spent about two hours looking for the grave of Jim Morrison only to find out that we misread the map and were looking in the wrong place. We'll try to head back there Sunday and look in the correct place this time.

Day 2 included the Musee d'Orsay, which used to be a train station, the Catacombes de Paris, and half the Louvre. The architecture in d'Orsay was beautiful and they were running a Rodin exhibit. We were surprised at the vastness of the catacombs. I knew there were millions of people down there, but it is hard to fathom until you see the bones piled for miles. Since I was sick and we'd saved the Louvre for the last half of the day, we only made it about halfway through. We are planning to head back on Friday evening to see the rest of the exhibits. Highlights: Mona Lisa, smaller than expected; musum in general, HUGE.

Tomorrow we're off to Versaille and maybe the Notre Dame if we get back into Paris in time.


  1. Did you guys go to the Rodin Museum? it is very cool!

  2. Hey Miss Kari - great pictures!!!

    BTW - your timing leaving Evri could not have been better. I got laid off today along with a few other folks. Send emails to Hope you and Tim are having a blast.

  3. Hey y'all. I just clicked through a LinkedIN update and discovered that you have embarked on this trip.

    It looks and sounds like you are having a complete blast (how could you not?).

    I will be living vicariously through you now.

    All the best,
    James Z.