Friday, April 3, 2009

Gelato and Pizza and Cannoli - Oh My

Happy belated birthday to Tim on April 1!

After a magnificient day touring the hills around Nice, we made a quick trip to Pisa, and then headed off to Rome for a week.  Well, it was actually about an hour outside of Rome in the ancient city of Ostia Antica, but we did get to stay in a B&B overlooking a castle.  The highlights in Rome were lots of ruins, the Vatican, a wines of Italy tour ( yum! ), more ruins, beautiful churches, and some ruins to round things out.  

Now we are in Palermo, Sicily for three days before we head over to Tunis.  I have not had a giant canoli yet, but they are definitely on my list of things to eat while we're here.  Today we visited the Capucini Catacombs, walked along the open air markets, and sampled arancine di riso which are little balls of deep fried risotto heaven.  Tomorrow we plan to explore the waterfront and then take in a football match on Sunday.

Next stop is Tunis where we'll be for three nights and then three nights in Taormina, Sicily, where we plan to hike up part of Mt. Etna.  I have a lot of new pictures queued up so I'll post them as soon as we find a decent internet connection.  

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