Thursday, August 6, 2009


Huahine is made up of Huahine Nui ( the large island ) and Huahine Iti
( the small island ) joined by the July bridge. While cruise ships do
anchor in Fare, we found the tourist effect to be quite minimal.

We stayed at Randee's Shack pension just outside the main town of Fare
on Huahine Nui. Randy is from Santa Cruz, California, and has two
fares ( bungalows ) tucked back down a dirt road with access to a
lagoon from the property. He has bikes available for riding into town
for groceries or a bite to eat, but if you want to explore further, we
advise renting a proper bike with gears or a scooter. Some sort of
transportation is a must if you want to tour the islands as the sites
are too spread out to walk. The pension also has a BBQ, hammocks,
surfboard, and an outrigger canoe for guests to use. You will not get
lonely as there are plenty of chickens wandering around to keep you
company and Tiger Boy ( the pension dog ) is more than happy to hang
out with you. There are plenty of mosquitoes so be sure to use
repellent and burn the provided mosquito coils if you want to hang out
on the patio. Overall, it was a great place to hang out for a few

The sights of Huahine are varied from the marae along the coast near
Maeva to the beautiful coastline along Huahine Iti. Don't miss sunset
dinner at the Fare snack shack along the waterfront. It was
expensive, but the food was excellent and the view amazing. Chez
Guynette ( club bed ) is another good place for lunch or a few beers
in the afternoon. We stayed close to home and relaxed mostly, but
there are a few companies on the island that offer snorkel or island
tours. Check at your hotel for what is available. We had the Moon
guide to Tahiti and her islands and found most of the information on
Huahine to be vague or out of date. Hours and offerings change at the
whim of the locals so it's always a good idea to check ahead before
heading out.

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