Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Points North

The original plan was to make the drive up to Cooktown before heading back South to Brisbane, but we only made it as far as Cape Tribulation.  The drive from Port Douglas to Cape Trib was only a couple of hours with a short, cable ferry ride along the way and the drive to Cooktown required 4-wheel drive or a 258 km trek with a fair amount of backtracking.  With the weather up North turning quite hot and humid along the coast, we just weren't up for the drive.  The plan is to eventually come back and rent a 4-wheel drive and an outback tent and explore the rest of Australia so we'll hit it then.

A good thing to come out of our change of plans was we were able to hit Mareeba Coffee Works on our way back down.  Self service coffee, tea, chocolate, and coffee liquor tasting, what else is there to say.  Pair that with a collection of coffee and tea paraphranelia and you've got and interesting side trip that will keep you jittering all the way to your next stop.  

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