Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to Hoi An - Meet your new wardrobe

We went to Hoi An with the intent of purchasing a couple of suits and maybe a pair of slacks or two.  Several suits, tons of slacks, jeans, jackets, a couple of winter coats, and 10 pairs of shoes later, we ended up having to buy two suitcases in addition to shipping a decent sized box just to get everything home.  When youcan get a pair of jeans custom made to fit for $20, it's hard not to go overboard. 
Nhan from 52 Clothes, pulled us into the fabric market shortly after we arrived and we ended up ordering a few suits, some shirts, and some jeans that day.  Each day after, we did not leave a fitting without adding to our order.  We actually ended up extending our stay by two days just to get a few more things made and Nhan took us out to dinner our last night to say thank you. 
When getting clothes or shoes made, do keep in mind that you are getting a great deal for very quick service so the quality of every item is not going to be the same as a high end store at home.  Be prepared to try things on at least twice to get a good fit and do not be afraid to tell them what you want tweaked. For the most part, Nhan and her staff had our clothes pretty much dialed in after the second fitting. Overall we are quite happy with what we got and just have to get it all home.

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