Thursday, January 15, 2009

Packing Dilemma

Yesterday I did a trial run packing ( well, stuffing ) everything into my backpack. I managed to get in all the basics -- pack safe, first aid kit, rain fly for my pack, etc. -- as well as approximately twice the amount of clothing I will probably need. We'll see what actually makes it to Europe with me. I call my wardrobe style "yoga chic", so I'm able to roll and squish everything into tiny little bundles. This is the first time that having extremely small feet has really worked to my advantage.

I bought a bunch of those packing cubes in different sizes and think they are awesome. I highly recommend them to keep things organized and easily accessible. I put little labels on the bottom of each one so I know exactly what is inside and am able to reassemble my pack after laundry day.

At 43 days to go there is still a lot to do, but I feel like the pieces are starting to fall into place.


  1. We have pretty much polar opposite approaches to packing. Tim has gotten as far as locating his pack which is pretty good for him at this stage. He'll usually stay up all night the night before we leave throwing things together while I'm ready to go a month in advance.