Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

So the weatherman was off by a day on the second snow storm to come through, but it finally arrived. Started off with an inch of snow overnight and it just kept snowing all day. The kids in the neighborhood officially declared it a snow day and took over the hill in front of our house for sledding.

The animals at the zoo didn't seem to mind the snow too much. Snow leopards, wolves and elk were all out enjoying the weather. The sea otters and squirrels were competing to see who could be the biggest hams for the camera.

Woodland Park was invaded by locals armed with all sorts of sledding equipment. Families were sliding down the hill stacked two and three deep on a single sled. I even saw one guy using a cookie sheet as his vehicle of choice.

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  1. Have fun you guys! Let me know if you need anything done at your house. Greg