Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nederlands win in extra innings!!!!


Holland came back from the brink tonight against the Dominican Republic tonight to win a thrilling, 11 inning barnburner. Eugene Kingsale scored the winning run, two batters after tying it with a single, scoring Sidney De Jong. Kingsale's heroics made up for a fielding error in the top of the 11th that allowed Jose Reyes to score, giving the DR a 1-0 lead.

Wow! What a fun game to watch. Kari and I were the only one rooting for Holland in our section down the left field line. We were miles away from the Dutch contingent behind home plate. We felt like our own little Dutch West Indies colony out there amongst the DR fans. By the end, we had some of the local PR fans sitting around us pulling for the Nederlanders. Now it's on to the final game. I have a feeling those PR fans will be back rooting for the home team.

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  1. I thought I was gonna go into cardiac arrest, as the game continued along scoreless. that result is unbelievamable! but I'm more than happy for the Nederlanders, who put the lie to the Jose Reyes "we're way better than them" comment. I'm almost rooting for them against my fave PR team. (geez, what a dilemma!) good thing the game is "meaningless"... .