Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things to See at the WBC

Some of the things you can see while attending the World Baseball Classic:

  1. Lots of skin...and not in a good way
  2. The mowhawk making a comeback ( also lots of faux-hawks )
  3. A guy selling beer in the men's room
  4. People shaving at the Gillette booth in the concourse
  5. Local Little League teams doing calisthenics with a crazy frog for the 7th inning stretch
  6. People handing out leaflets in the stands for the local church
  7. Really great baseball!!!!


  1. Kari, I am SO jealous and so happy for you and Tim at the same time. What an absolutely great adventure you have started on and I'm so enjoying living vicariously through you and this blog! Keep the posts and pics coming!!! PS: snow in seattle.....and now...really jealous - shannon

  2. that "crazy frog" is probably the coquí, which is the national frog of the Island. what about Monday's thriller in SJ?! man, I thought I was gonna plotz when PR stranded all those runners.

  3. PS: speaking of beer-selling---and I hope they are NOT brewing it in the restroom!---have you tried the Cerveza India or Cerveza Medalla (or Medalla Light)? also recommended r Malta India (n/a) & Kola Champagne---all local, all tasty.

  4. We have Medalla Light in our fridge. I'll have to track down the Kola Champagne. My family is going to laugh at how much Coors Light I've been drinking.

  5. OH NO!! Coors light? Don't tell Gpa. I am loving keeping up with the blog, and your travels.