Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Places to Visit Again

We're around six weeks into our trip and here are the places we'd like to visit again and would recommend.

Giardini Naxos - Sicily was great all around and Giardini Naxos was the perfect place to take a little break from traveling. We definitely want to explore more of the coast and the interior of the island.

Islands of Greece - We managed to do Athens in three days so next time it's island hopping time.

Slovenia - We loved Ljubljana and our day trip out to Bled. The area is beautiful and would be a great place to come back to for hiking, camping, etc. The people were very nice and we really felt like that was a highlight of our trip so far.

Budapest - This city is much larger than we expected. We only budgeted two days to see the sights and missed so much. If you go, spend at least a week so you have time to walk around the Castle Hill, take in an opera, hit the museums, and just soak in the city.

We're heading into Germany, Switzerland, and more of Austria for the rest of May then on to Amsterdam and Belgium before heading into the UK. If you have recommendations in those areas, we'd love to hear them.


  1. If you have time in Belgium spend a day or two in Bruges... beautiful gothic city on the coast, worth a look...

    Glad you're having fun, guys!


  2. Don't miss being among the very first to visit the new Magritte Museum in Brussels, opening 2 June 2009.

    Plus, what's to dislike about beer and chocolate... (But please do resist those horrible choc-fountain-in-the-window tourist traps; in a shortlist, the real thing is at : Godiva, Neuhaus, Galler, Darcis, Wittamer, Marcolini; better ask for your own selection, with a 200 gr/20-25 pieces bag taking you back about 10 EUR.)

    Enjoy! Just ask back for more insider's tips.