Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Towers, Saltmines, Bobsleigh, and Jennerbahn

We've picked up the pace a little ( not that I thought that was possible ) and in the last ten days have been through Vienna, Bratislava, Brno, Prague, Berchtesgaden, Salzburg, and are now in Innsbruck. So much to see and it is all starting to blur.

Vienna was great if you ignore that we didn't have hot water four out of the five days we were there. It is a huge city and well worth a week or two to take in all the sights and day trips that are easily accessible.

Bratislava is a funky little day trip out of Vienna where you can walk through the old shopping district and see a UFO all in the same day. It's cute for a day, but not much more than that.

The rumors about Prague are true. It's become overrun with tourists and is fairly pricey these days. That said, we did manage to climb six towers over two days and a whole ton of stairs getting up to the mini-Eiffel tower and the castle. We're calling it our Prague Tower Tour.

We kicked off Berchtesgaden with a tour of the local salt mines where we got to dress up in miner's overalls and slide down the miner's slides. The tour was a lot of fun and quite informative. Did you know it takes 30 years to mine one salt deposit? After the mines it was up to Konigsee, which is a beautiful lake town up in the mountains. It's just a quick trip up the Jennerbahn to a ton of hiking trails above the lake. I'd love to go back and spend more time at the lake exploring and relaxing. Unfortunately, visitors can only try out the bobsled track during the winter, but we did get some good pictures of us standing on the medal podium.

We took a quick tour through Salzburg and are now in Innsbruck for two days. Tomorrow we're heading up to the Alpenzoo and then to the summit for some more hiking. The day after will be old town Innsbruck and then heading back to Munich.

Tim's working on the pictures and we hope to have new albums posted this weekend.

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