Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A day in the Life

We are enjoying the dead of winter here in French Polynesia.  It has been in the low 80s with partial clouds and a breeze off and on.  We do not have a data connection in our bungalow so we are keeping in touch via a public computer when we get a chance.  The usual routine consists of kayaking out for an early morning snorkel beforoe settling in with a good book for an afternoon of sunbathing.  Life is hard around here.  One of these days we plan to go hike around and explore the middle of the island. 

Since we do not know how often we will be able to check in over the next month, here is our rough itinerary:

Moorea through 24 July
24 July to 2 Aug Huahine
2 Aug to 11 Aug Maupiti
11 and 12 Aug Tahiti
13 Aug fly to Auckland
14 Aug fly to Sydney
14 -16 Aug Sydney
17 Aug pick up caravan and start touring Australia
We fly to Vanuatu on 2 October and will be there until 31 October

If you have any tips on what to see or do in Australia, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi Tim and Kari,

    I just emailed you guys tips for Australia from a Native Australian.

    Check it out and Enjoy!