Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WiFi and Paradise

It has been very interesting keeping up with the outside world while
in paradise. The cell network in French Polynesia does not support
data so we have been reliant on public wifi networks and internet
kiosks while exploring the islands. While this is not necessarily a
bad thing, it has made researching hotels and making onward plans
somewhat difficult.

If you do plan on exploring French Poynesia and need an internet
connection, prepare to fork over some dough. Wifi is very expensive
here and some islands do not even have a network available. We will
be completely offline in Maupiti next week. There are also a couple
of different networks that will require separate credentials so be
sure to check what is available where you are going before purchasing
a card with too many hours. Your best bet is to stay somewhere that
offers wifi or a kiosk in the common areas.

The upside to relying on the public networks is connecting on the
beach with a cold drink in hand or being forced to unplug completely.
It's a good thing to check out, enjoy the sun, and just live in the
moment now and then.

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